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The powerful effects of exercise and nutrition for your mental and physical health

As the saying goes, your health is your wealth. It is important to maintain a good weight, eat well, and exercise. Conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia can develop from poor health habits. A declining physical health can become a contributor to poor mental health. Self-care is very important for anyone struggling with a mental illness. When depressed or anxious, people tend to eat more due to seeking the comfort of food. As a result of their stress and emotional eating, they may put on unwanted pounds which may be tough to reduce. On the flip side, I do meet patients who eat less, and have unhealthy weights that can also be problematic to their health. It not easy maintaining great health because its easier to eat available junk food and sit without activity. These decisions can have compound effects on your overall physical and mental health. However, with the development of new habits and making better decisions, you can be on the road to your optimal health.

Here are some practical tips to achieve a better you:



Losing weight can seem like a daunting task. However, with simple lifestyle changes and patience, you can eventually get to your ideal weight. Your mental health can improve based on your new outlook towards life. Self-care can be a winning formula for your mental health success. If you look good, you can feel good.

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Dr. Ifeanyi Olele Ifeanyi Olele, DO, MBA, MS, is a board-certified psychiatrist who sees adolescent and adult patients in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions. Dr. Olele is a dedicated psychiatrist in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma-related stress disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Dr. Ifeanyi Olele is one of the few psychiatrists who utilizes psychotherapy (talk therapy) as part of his treatment plan.

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