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Gene Testing


Have you been trying to find the right medication to treat your psychiatric condition? Pharmacogenomics testing helps reduce the trial and error of choosing the best medication for you. Although a medication may work well for one person, it may not work well for another person. This testing offers personalized medication management.

Pharmacogenomics is the combination of the words pharmacology (the study of the uses and effects of medications) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions). The pharmacogenomics testing analyzes how your genes interact with certain medications. Thus, we will be able to learn which medication can be effective for you, recommended dosages, and potential adverse effects. The results of the test can give us an idea of how your body metabolizes (“breaks down”) medications.

This may explain why your body breaks medications quickly or slowly. The test is very simple and quick.  We will get a sample of your DNA via a cheek swab. The sample will be packaged and mailed to a laboratory for testing. Once results return, we will review them at your next appointment and create a suitable treatment plan for your lifestyle and condition.

To learn more about pharmacogenomics testing, call or make an appointment online today with Genesis Psychiatric Solutions in McLean, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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