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When you want convenient access to professional psychiatric services but can’t always make the drive to the office, consider the many benefits of telepsychiatry services available at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions in McLean, Virginia and Washington, DC. Dr. Ifeanyi Olele is a highly-trained psychiatrist who is dedicated to ensuring your good mental health and overall well-being. For those who prefer the ultimate discretion in counseling sessions, you can enjoy psychiatric assistance from the comfort of your home using telepsychiatry. Find out more about the benefits of telepsychiatry for patients, including those living inside the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC metro areas, by calling the office or by using the online booking feature.

Telepsychiatry Q & A

What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is an innovative form of modern medicine that allows you direct access to Dr. Olele over the phone or through video conferencing.

Services included in telepsychiatry include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Individual or group therapy
  • Patient education and resources

Telepsychiatry can also include recording and exchange of your medical information, giving you convenient access to necessary medical documentation.

For executive and corporate structures, professional athletes, and organizations interested in specialized psychiatric services, Dr. Olele can meet with you and your team via video conferencing to educate and treat you all on your psychiatric needs, such as career burnout, work and life balance, and better managing high stress and high expectations.

Why should I consider telepsychiatry services?

By having direct access to Dr. Olele, you can discuss new symptoms or changes in your condition when it’s most urgent. You won’t have to travel to the office to address specific issues affecting your mental health. Since there’s no chance of anyone seeing you entering or exiting the office, the sessions are private and discreet.

You may want to consider telepsychiatry services if you want the individualized attention Dr. Olele provides to his patients when you need it most. This service may also be beneficial if you live some distance from the McLean office and don’t otherwise have access to such expert services. Telepsychiatry services also are ideal if your schedule is too busy to schedule in-office appointments, due to family and work commitments.

You can expect to receive the same high-quality, discreet care using telepsychiatry as you would for in-office visits. Dr. Olele follows the same standards for care whether you’re meeting with him in person or via the telephone.

What are the benefits of telepsychiatry?

In addition to direct access to Dr. Olele, you may also like the other benefits of telepsychiatry services, such as:

  • Less wait time
  • Continuity of care
  • No need for transportation
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Reduced time on the road during rush hour or inclement weather
  • Privacy of staying in your own home

Telepsychiatry appointments can make it easier for you to relax in your own environment, making your sessions more productive. Additionally, you can reduce the stress and anxiety of traveling to the doctor’s office, especially when you’re not feeling well.

Learn more about the many benefits of telepsychiatry services available at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions by calling the office or by using the online booking feature today.