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Let's Talk About Depression

An estimated 17.3 million Americans have had at least one major depressive episode. Data from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Agency (SAMHSA) found that 8.7% of females and 5.3% of males have struggled with Major Depressive Disorder in 2017. The prevalence of this disorder was highest among those aged 18– 25 years of age.

Many people are suffering in silence to this invisible disorder. A person can be going to school or work with their classmate or coworker respectively and not know that they are depressed. Depression has caused many people to miss school or work due to its debilitating mental and emotional effects.

I will provide you with some insight into the common symptoms a person can
experience when dealing with depression. A person must have at least five (5)
symptoms during the same two (2) week period and at least one (1) symptom must be a depressed mood or loss of interest based on criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

What is a depressed mood?

What is diminished interest?

What is appetite change?

What is a sleep disturbance?

What is low energy? 

What is hopelessness? 

What is poor concentration?

What is a suicidal ideation?

What is psychomotor agitation and retardation?

How do we combat depression?

We here at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions are here to help in any way that we can.
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Dr. Ifeanyi Olele Ifeanyi Olele, DO, MBA, MS, is a board-certified psychiatrist who sees adolescent and adult patients in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions. Dr. Olele is a dedicated psychiatrist in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma-related stress disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Dr. Ifeanyi Olele is one of the few psychiatrists who utilizes psychotherapy (talk therapy) as part of his treatment plan.

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