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How Telepsychiatry Works

How Telepsychiatry Works

Talking to a mental health professional over the phone is not a new concept. It takes the pressure off, saves time you might have spent commuting, and helps you get more out of your appointments. 

Regardless of your reason for choosing telepsychiatry, you should select your provider wisely and find a doctor who knows how to converse via phone or video call. 

As a board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Ifeanyi Olele of Genesis Psychiatric Solutions offers telepsychiatry appointments to help you get better in the safety and comfort of your own home.   

Telepsychiatry 101 

Telepsychiatry is exactly what it sounds like: psychiatry sessions that take place via phone or video call. This is a form of telehealth, which allows people to connect with health care professionals without making an in-person visit. 

Cellphones and computers have made this easier than ever, and you can connect with your doctor without leaving your bed. 

The pandemic brought this concept to the mainstream, but telehealth existed long before people entered quarantine. Telepsychiatry in particular comes with many benefits, especially for those struggling with mental illness. 

Benefits of telepsychiatry 

Telepsychiatry has been credited with connecting many patients with the help they need. Holding appointments over the phone eliminates the stress involved with: 

If a patient knows that they are able to receive care from the comfort of their own home, they’re more likely to ask for help. Telepsychiatry is an invaluable resource for those struggling with limited transportation, anxiety, and busy schedules. 

When to consider telepsychiatry 

Not everyone is right for telepsychiatry, but you might benefit from remote sessions if you: 

Genesis Psychiatric Solutions offers a variety of mental health services, including telepsychiatry. 

Dr. Olele is dedicated to providing our patients with the counsel they need, whether that’s in person or over the phone. He can perform psychiatric evaluations, group and individual therapy, patient education, and medication management, all over a phone or by video call. 

If you’re interested in telepsychiatry, get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

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