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Got social anxiety?

Have you ever felt any symptoms of social anxiety? Have you ever felt nervous while going to public places or public gatherings? Have you ever been anxious and full of fear at going to congregations or meetings? Have you ever been tense while interacting with people in your social circle? Have you been embarrassed and fearful due to the idea of being scrutinized by others? If YES, then you are facing problems of social anxiety or social phobia significantly.

It is actually a mental condition that makes you full of fear, anxiety, and nervousness and you are unable to face people due to the problem of anxiety. Here are some of the symptoms that will help you to understand whether you are facing the problem of social anxiety or not.

Symptoms of social anxiety:
If you are feeling shying or uncomfortable in certain situations, it does not mean you are facing social anxiety. It is possible that the comfort level of the situation is not enough to make you easy.

Following are some symptoms:
1- The emotional and behavioral symptoms comprise that you are feared of being judged by others, worried about embarrassing or humiliating yourself. You are highly fearful of facing strangers and talking to them. You avoid the gathering due to fear of becoming the center of attention. You always find flaws in your performance and in your interaction with others.

2- The Physical symptoms comprise the symptoms like a fast heartbeat and blushing. You are having a shaky or trembling voice. You have an upset stomach or nausea, sometimes suffer from difficulty in catching breathing and muscle tension.

3- Some other symptoms comprise avoiding social situations like avoiding interaction with unfamiliar people and reluctant towards attending gatherings and parties. You are reticent in  your social circle like initiating a conversation, making eye contact, or dating a partner. Sometimes you avoid entering a room that is crowded, avoid eating in front of others, or using a public restroom. If you are facing the above symptoms or feel like your activities are making you hyper anti-
social and lonely then you must consult a doctor because you are facing the problem of social anxiety.

How to treat it?
If you are facing problems of social anxiety, then here are few simple solutions to treat it.

Follow them to get your disorder treated:
 Get up early: Getting early in the morning will help you to get rid of stress and mental tension and you will feel a bit relieved.

 Prioritize issues of your life: Carefully manage your time and energy by highlighting the issues of your life, Make sure to spend time on those things that make you happy and satisfied instead of anxious and nervous.

 Practice being social: Try to become social and familiar with being around people as it will  graduallyremove your fear of anxiety.

 Try anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants: These medications will help you significantly to reduce your stress and anxiety. In a nutshell, social anxiety is a condition that makes a person full of nervousness, anxiety, and  fearful while going in front of others. If you feel yourself to be one who is facing the aforementioned symptoms of social anxiety, then contact a doctor instantly as it is not a
problem to be ignored or left without proper treatment.

Dr. Ifeanyi Olele Ifeanyi Olele, DO, MBA, MS, is a board-certified psychiatrist who sees adolescent and adult patients in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions. Dr. Olele is a dedicated psychiatrist in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma-related stress disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Dr. Ifeanyi Olele is one of the few psychiatrists who utilizes psychotherapy (talk therapy) as part of his treatment plan.

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