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Executive/Corporate Psychiatry Specialist

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Meeting deadlines, leading teams, and staying in control of life can become overwhelming, complicating both your mental and physical health. Dr. Ifeanyi Olele understands the pressures of a high-stress career and offers customized solutions at Genesis Psychiatric Solutions in McLean, Virginia and Washington, DC. Learn more about available services catering to executive and corporate mental health by calling Dr. Olele’s office or by using the online booking feature. The practice also offers telemedicine services to patients, including those living inside the greater Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Executive/Corporate Psychiatry Q & A

What factors influence executive and corporate mental health?

There are so many factors that can impact your life as an executive in business. Daily on-the-job stressors may be impacting your life more than you realize, resulting in health complications, career burnout, and disruption in your relationships and social life.

Common factors in the corporate world that affect your physical and mental health include:

  • Dealing with guilt
  • Career burnout
  • Meeting your deadlines
  • Managing employees
  • Having a high level of responsibilities

As a result of these factors, you may also develop imposter syndrome, a persistent doubt of your abilities and accomplishments that leave you feeling like a fraud.

You may develop mental health issues as a result of the high-pressure life you lead, or if you have existing mental health issues, your struggles may become more severe.

What mental health issues are common in the corporate environment?

There are a multitude of mental health issues that can result from the constant stress and pressure of your career. The most common concerns for executives include:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Uncontrolled anger
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

The longer the issues remain untreated, the worse they can become. These mental health issues can impact not only your work life, but also reduce the overall quality of your personal and family life.

What treatment options are available for work-related mental health stress?

To prevent health complications and a worsening of your existing mental health issues, Dr. Olele offers comprehensive guidance and support. He creates a custom treatment plan to address those work-specific issues that are negatively affecting your life.

Taking a holistic approach to care, Dr. Olele can help you refocus your efforts and habits on better health. His goal in treatment is to ensure your mental and physical health remains a top priority despite deals and deadlines.

Dr. Olele uses a combination of talk therapy and lifestyle changes to help you achieve better mental clarity. He can also address career-focused issues, such as competition and environmental stressors, that leave you feeling guilty and less than human. You can always expect a safe place to vent your frustrations and let your guard down to truly discover the root of your mental health struggles.

If you have existing mental health issues, Dr. Olele can also address your symptoms effectively, carefully reviewing medication therapies and other interventions to alleviate depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Revive your career and your health with comprehensive executive and corporate psychiatric services today. You can call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule a consultation. If you’re outside of Virginia, be sure to ask about available telepsychiatry services.